Power Everything!

Solar Power Plants for homes, institutions & industries

to reduce their electricity bills to "Zero"


Export excess energy to the grid during day. Import required energy when the Sun is not there. Pay for net consumption only!


Save the energy produced by the solar panels in the batteries and use whenever you want to. Without any interruption.

Solar Pump

Farmers don't need to spend on diesel or wait for grid supply. Run your submersible pump directly from solar energy.

Apparatus & Accessories

Junction Boxes, Distribution Panels, Solar Drives and other solar accessories. Designed in a custom way to fulfill your demand.

Installation & Commissioning

1kW to infinite




A complement to your system

Distribution Boxes



Solar Panels

Power Output

150-400 Wp (Poly/Monocrystalline)

Power Output Warranty

25 years

Product Warranty

10 years

Grid Tie Inverters

Rated Power

1-100 kW

Product Warranty

5-10 years


All warranties are covered by the manufacturer of equipment unless stated. However, the system as a whole may be covered under a warranty against proper functioning and performance for some period as per contract. The power output warranty of solar panels covers the output capability of the solar panel after a certain period of usage (mostly 80% of the rated power at the end of 25 years). The product warranty of solar panels covers manufacturing defects & other build issues.

Installation time

On-grid systems may take 1 month to become operational. However, survey and installation may take just 3-10 days to complete, depending upon the location and size of project. Regulatory and statutory permissions take the remaining time.

Off-grid systems are very independent and take lesser time to install, usually 1-2 days.

Zero Investment Model (RESCO/OPEX)

For plant sizes above a certain capacity (>200 kW), customers may prevent upfront investment on the project and sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for 12-25 years to purchase the electricity generated from the system at much lower rates than that of the electricity distribution company.

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