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Vyom Solar Energy designs and installs rooftop solar power plants to meet your energy requirements and reduce your electricity bills. Our solutions are low-cost, reliable, long-run and optimally designed.

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Our Solutions

At Vyom Solar Energy, we examine your requirement and provide you the best possible solution at minimum cost an highest quality with a long-run design approach.


Export excess solar energy to the grid during day. Import required energy when the Sun is not there. Pay for net consumption only!


Store the energy produced by the solar panels in the batteries and use whenever you want. Without any interruption. Your Power Bank!

Solar Pumps

Farmers don't need to spend on diesel or wait for grid supply. Run your submersible pump directly from solar energy.

Apparatus & Accessories

Junction Boxes, Distribution Panels, Solar Drives and other solar accessories. Designed in a custom way to fulfill your demand.

3 Years

In 3-4 years, a solar power plant can generate enough electricity to recover its initial capital cost. Giving you 5-8 times ROI.

25 Years

Solar panels have a life expectancy of 25-40 years. It's a gift from you to your next generations!

5 Billion Years

Our Sun has been there for 5 billion years and will be there for quite that long. It shows up everyday, on time. Pretty Reliable!

Experienced. All-Rounder Team.

We have an extensive experience of executing projects and impressive after-sales service records. We have been promoting the adoption of solar energy from past 4 years, in the leadership of experienced engineers and project managers. From the inception to commissioning, we can handle everything.

Survey and Planning

Design & Development

Project Management


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